Essential Information: AIM Rule 26

Essential Information:
AIM Rule 26

The information available in this section is being disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.

This information was last updated on 7 June 2018.

Business description

Forbidden Technologies plc is an award-winning technology company that develops and distributes tools based on its world leading cloud video platform. This platform is the foundation of Forbidden’s flagship product, Forscene. Launched in 2004, Forscene is arguably the most advanced cloud-based video post-production platform available anywhere. The platform also underlies Forbidden’s video social network, eva. eva is a video-sharing platform that is designed to become the primary means for people of all ages to share what’s happening in their lives and express ideas in moving form. Forbidden has more recently launched its Consumer video editing software, Captevate, a Javascript application which allows quick browser video editing within the Forbidden platform.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market, Forbidden also partners with high-profile global media and technology organisations to extend the capability of its post production platform.

Details of Exchanges and Trading Platforms

The Company’s securities are not listed or traded on any exchanges or trading platforms other than AIM.

Details of any Restrictions on the Transfer of Securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities

The company number is 3507286 and company VAT number is 744351440.

Country of incorporation

England, which is the main country of operation.

Corporate governance

The Company does not comply with any specific corporate governance code, including the Combined Code, although it supports the principles and aims of the Combined Code and follows it wherever it is reasonable to do so. It operates an effective board which meet on a timely basis. The board is aware of the requirements of the code and the need for appropriate controls and systems to safeguard the company’s assets. Wherever possible, appropriate controls are in place and monitored by the board. However, full compliance with the code is not possible because of the size and resource constraints of the company and because of the relative cost benefit assessment in putting in place the additional procedures. As the company grows in size and resources the board intends to increase its compliance.


  • David Main
  • Ian McDonough
  • Stephen Streater
  • Jonathan Lees
  • Jim Irving
  • Andrew Bentley
Meet our board

Shares in issue

213,433,599 ordinary shares of 0.8p. Percentage not in public hands: 30.83% The holdings of Directors are listed below.

Directors' shareholdings

Stephen Streater63,985,714 29.98%
Ian McDonough1,262,8620.59%
David Main535,7140.25%
Andrew Bentley30,0000.01%

Holdings above 3%

Miton Group plc26,927,12812.62%
Schroders plc15,615,0007.32%

Report and accounts

View our Investor Relations.

EMI scheme rules

Download our EMI scheme rules.

RNS Announcements

RNS is both a regulatory and financial communications channel for companies to communicate with the professional investor. View our RNS Announcements

  • Adviser

    Broker and Nominated Adviser
    Allenby Capital Limited
    3 St Helen's Place
    London EC3A 6AB
  • Adviser

    Blake Morgan LLP
    6 New Street Square
    EC4A 3DJ
  • Adviser

    Kingston Smith LLP
    Devonshire House
    60 Goswell Road
    EC1M 7AD

Takeover regulations

The Company is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.


Download our Memorandum and articles of association.

AIM admission document

Download our February 2000 AIM admission document.


Remuneration committee: David Main, Stephen Streater, Jim Irving – to determine staff salaries and share option entitlements.

Audit committee: David Main, Andrew Bentley – to review financial issues and corporate governance.