Forbidden Technologies plc promoted Blackbird to master brand status and name for the cloud video platform in March 2018. Forscene,  the original cloud video post-production platform launched in 2003  is now subsumed into our Blackbird platform.

The Blackbird® cloud video platform provides a rich suite of highly responsive video production and delivery services. The platform maximises the value of content by hyper-accelerating the transport, accessibility, editing and delivery of video efficiently, either remotely or on-premise.

The platform enables anyone generating video content to fluidly ingest, access and frame-accurately edit, enrich and publish to boundless delivery locations. Blackbird has the ability to become part of existing or emerging infrastructure for any customer who generates video, whether that be live/non-live or high-volume.

Blackbird product suite includes:

  • Blackbird Ascent our easy clip editor
  • Blackbird Forte our full-featured editor
  • Blackbird Edge –  Both Forte and Ascent platform versions are combined with essential Edge technology,  created with patented Blackbird codec.  The innovative solution provides the fastest-in-class access to live and file-based video cloud workflows.

Above: Our Blackbird player –  take a few mins to experience the frame accuracy of  Blackbird.

For more information on Blackbird, please visit our Blackbird website at, or contact