Latency neuters two-way mobile videophones

EETimes point out “Latency is one little-discussed performance problem for next-generation cellphones … GPRS networks … face inherent latencies of up to two seconds on Internet Protocol operations.” The Shosteck Group elucidate: “Low latency is essential for … live two-way video (but not entertainment video clips …)”. Gilbert Held described latency issues in voice telephony as “The Conversation Killer”: “once the one-way delay exceeds a quarter of a second … it becomes relatively difficult for the parties in a conversation to tell when one person is finished speaking. This increases the probability that the parties will talk at the same time.” The Shosteck Group continue “even if a mobile network is configured to provide low latency, the operator cannot guarantee low latency for end-users who use their mobile devices to access other networks [the Internet] or who use their terminals in a noisy, and thereby latency inducing, RF environment [in the real world, with interference from other equipment].”

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