Innovation Without Limitation

Without Limitation

Creating advanced technologies that make change happen

Forbidden has developed patented technologies for users who work with internet video. These advancements support our video platform and form the basis of our responsive and integrated tools. Clever designs and intuitive systems make these tools accessible to amateurs and professionals alike.

Our technological innovation comes from a deep understanding of the media industry, and the many ways today’s global audiences interact with media.

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Our portfolio centres around these key elements:

Cloud computing

Original footage is stored, reviewed, logged, edited and exported without being locked into a single location or device. Real-time collaboration enables more efficient working.

Mobile devices

DevicesMobile access via tablets and smartphones combines with that of a PC or Mac to simplify access and improve productivity.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

A pay-as-you-go service minimises capital expenditure. And with no need for hardware, users can be up and running in minutes with unlimited scalability.

Seamless integration

Integration with numerous third party cloud services leverages the benefits of Forbidden’s cloud platform.