As part of our SaaS solution, and sitting on top of the Blackbird Proxy, are a set of simple applications that let you ingest content, transform it and then publish it while maintain full control over your original content. We are continuously developing new apps as well as improving existing apps. As well as our on solutions we have built integrations with the leading editing solutions – Avid, Adobe Premier Pro, and Final Cut Pro.

See youtube links for more detail on our applications and 2017 product lineup:

Mobile Upload

Forscene’s Mobile Upload is a simple app which uses your smartphone or tablet’s camera to instantly send content straight into the Forscene editor.

Portable Ingest

Forscene’s on location ingest enables media upload from anywhere. Editors can start working simultaneously to the shoot taking place, halving post-production costs. This software-only application simply requires a laptop.

Enterprise Ingest

Forscene’s powerful Enterprise Ingest enables real-time consumption of media. It is ideal for high volume ingest, supporting multiple concurrent files and live streams and can distribute HD and 4K resolution videos.

Camera SDK

Forscene’s Software Development Kit integrates with your existing app and allows you to take control of your video content as it’s uploaded straight to the Forscene Editor

Cut & Share

Cut & Share is built on the world’s fastest frame accurate editor, Forscene. Whether you’re a novice or professional, this online video editor’s intuitive design makes it easy for anyone to edit video.

Forscene Editor

The Forscene Editor combines powerful features in a simple interface. Our cloud video editing software enhances professional workflows and transforms post-production efficiency.

Multicam Editor

Forscene’s Multicam Editor gives you full visual control of all your shots. It supports up to 18 camera angles and enables live multicam editing and logging.


From live logging of multicam clips, to using logs for an assembly edit, Forscene is the only platform you’ll ever need to organise your media.

Closed Captioning

With an integrated track on the timeline for creating and editing closed captions, Forscene is the editor of choice for many productions requiring closed captioning.

Review & Approve

Review & Approve is the future of auditing edits. Designed for executive producers, this app enables clips to be shared and commented on anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Distribute hi-res video content from Forscene to a range of destinations with no restrictions. Forscene allows you to freely distribute content to most formats, moments after editing.

Quick Launch

This desktop app gives you instant access to Forscene Editor and enables you to upload media without having to go through a browser.