AI – The limits of IQ

The Model In the old days, people would spend a long time teaching computers rules. Expert systems attempted […]

AI – The 1%

Anyone can fly in an aeroplane But flying a plane is harder. Learning to fly a plane safely […]

AI – the Real World

What is your problem, exactly? Mind games provide a rich seam for AI. Every year, AI gains more […]

AI God or Devil

AI – God or Devil?

What is it like to make something more intelligent than yourself? My early experiments showed how AI could […]

faster than live

Faster than Live

“Quality, Speed and Price – you can have any two.” The internet is the ultimate free market – […]

what if

What If…

Video is taking over the world, the amount of video that is uploaded, streamed and viewed is growing […]

The power of the browser

The Power of the Browser

In medieval times, educated Europeans conversed in Latin. But this simple summary disguises the constant innovations in natural […]