Video compression upgrade

Today’s 8% upgrade to the compression rate of our recent Chairman’s statement is the latest in a line of improvements to our Mark 1 codec. It brings the video and audio combined to below even the ancient 28.8 kbps modem standard. This allows ample room for the slideshow, making a total of 30 kbps. Our original target of enabling talking heads videos over 56 kbps modems has now been achieved.

Recent press

Jemma George, in a recent research report update on comments on recent developments at Forbidden Technologies and notes that “The slow and tiresome move to broadband undoubtably works in Forbidden’s favour”.

Slideshow option added

As part of the continuing commercialisation process for our codec, we have added support for slideshows. These run alongside the main video stream and are synchronized with it. We will be demonstrating this technology with our upcoming Chairman's statement video. We'd like to thank Jeremy, this year's summer student, for his help in adding this feature.

Telephone interview with Wall Street Reporter

Today the Wall Street Reporter features a telephone interview with Stephen Streater, recorded live and uncut, in which Stephen outlines some of the reasons behind the success of Forbidden Technologies.

Press reaction to interim results

Here are some recent reports on our interim results. Chris Nuttall in reports that “Both Forbidden and Emblaze are onto something”, Joanne Offer of ShareCast, writes that “Unlike its rivals, Forbidden’s technology does not require the viewer to download any software and it offers an unusually large picture size”.

Interim results

Today Forbidden Technologies plc announced its Interim Results for the six months ended 30th June 2001.

Date of interim results announcement

Forbidden Technologies plc will announce its Interim Results for the six months ended 30th June 2001 tomorrow morning, Tuesday 18th September 2001.

Update to video players

Today’s update to our website is typical of a recent series. In each of these the video files and images have been unchanged. Instead we’ve been working behind the scenes adding extra features to our playback technology. These features include better logging, better handling of firewalls and support for future technologies (as yet unreleased). These updates let us benefit from feedback and widespread incremental testing of our technology.

News section added to website

At Forbidden Technologies, we pride ourselves on our open relationship with customers and shareholders. Over the last year we have demonstrated the progress of our technical development by providing updates to the videos on our website. In addition, we are now offering other news of interest, directly through this new section of our website. We will use this channel to publish information for which the Regulatory News Service (RNS) would be inappropriate.