About Forbidden Visionary, Driven, Creative, Inquisitive and Inclusive

About Forbidden
Visionary, Driven, Creative, Inquisitive and Inclusive

Leading change in one of the most influential, diverse and fast-moving industries on the planet is a huge challenge – and one we relish.

Our revolutionary cloud-based technology is developed by knowledgeable professionals from the media industry. From this powerful platform, editors and producers can operate faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

  • Visionary We gain a deep understanding of technology, users and media today. This allows us to define a vision for their future that informs our innovation focus.
  • Driven We willingly challenge preconceptions, change perceptions and advance current thinking into new, unexplored and better places.
  • Creative We constantly innovate, test and design to create the best solutions for the world today and to meet our vision of the future.
  • Inquisitive We ask the questions nobody else asks, we seek to know more, we take steps nobody else has taken and see where they lead.
  • Inclusive We focus on creating elegant, robust, advanced and powerful tools that work in the real world and are simple for everyone to use and benefit from.

The story behind the rise of Forbidden

 CorporateCore technologyProfessional productsConsumer products
1998Company founded to create the ultimate video platform for the internet
1999Forbidden Technologies Ltd employs five staff members and starts development.
Forbidden Technologies Ltd turns into Forbidden Technologies plc
Video codec development starts
2000Forbidden Technology plc floats on the AIM market of the London Stock ExchangeForbidden develops a revolutionary low bit rate video codec
2001Forbidden develops Java web player which runs automatically when you open a web pageCompany releases web video streaming player for standard out-of-the-box PC/browsers
2002Full frame rate mobile video/audio player at 320x240 pixelsWith 3G still a distant aspiration, company releases 2.5G full screen full motion streaming player on mobile (O2 XDA and Compaq iPaq)
2003Live video compressionLive video streaming with cloud hosting launched at IBC 2003
2004Editing capability addedForscene launch – the original cloud video post-production platform
Forscene bought for international review of ongoing TV broadcasts
2005Logging capability addedFirst broadcast TV series uses Forscene for logging
2006Codec upgradesWeb-accessed Clesh launched with Europe’s biggest ISP for the nascent consumer cloud video editing market
2007Broadcast quality (SD) output added to Forscene
2008Credit crunch kicks off sales in broadcastBlackbird 5 video codec releasedHigh volume US client uses Forscene to re-version TV content for the web
2009HD output added to Forscene.
Scalability improved with over 10,000 hours per week through the platform
Usage picks up substantially, particularly in logging
2010Forbidden CEO invited speaker at Google’s European summit in ZurichIBC demonstration of Forscene on Nokia mobile phone.
Android Clesh development begins.
Multicam launched
Usage continues to increase, with popular Forscene workflows including logging and rough cut editing
2011Forbidden wins Google contract for summer Olympics with Forscene used as a craft editorClesh launched on Android. Monthly sales exceed annual uptake of free web version
2012Numerous sports features added, including workflow managementStunning Forscene performance for YouTube/NBC in summer Olympics opens up sports marketPolicy of fixing all know Clesh bugs from thousands of Android Clesh users ensures reliability of platform for new end-to-end professional workflows
2013£8m+ fund raising for US expansion and creation of a consumer offerBlackbird 7 video codec released to support hi res proxies.
Support for multiple video layers with transparency
Partnerships with deltatre and EVS in sports.
Integration with Microsoft Azure
Clesh becomes the primary testing ground for new mobile technologies
2014Brand strategy transformed.
US office launched.
Forscene positioned as a cloud platform
Android and iPad added to supported Forscene devicesForscene integration shown on Microsoft and Sony stands at NAB.
Forscene launched for iPad and Android tablets.
Forscene Media Asset Management (MAM) launched at IBC
Consumer division created.
eva brand launched.
2015Board restructure.

Vic Steel retires from the Forbidden Technologies board. Stephen Streater is
appointed as Chairman and Forbidden Technologies CTO. Aziz Musa is promoted to CEO.
Virtualised sports workflow development.Forscene wins IMG contract for digital rights content.
Multicam logging expanded to 18 cameras & multicam editing introduced
eva app released globally.
Captevate brand and Captevate product development.
2016First paid eva channel signed.