A Call for Captevate Alpha Testers

The first version of Captevate will soon be released to the world. I’m always enthused by the passion and knowledge of our private investor community. As a result I’d like to invite 10 private investors to join the Captevate Alpha programme next week. Clearly it’s a long way from complete but this process will help us quickly understand the bugs that exist and give a sense of how the product looks and feels.

If you’re interested please fill out this form. At this stage only 10 Alpha testers will be accepted. Please only sign up if you’re willing to send us the bugs that appear within your testing process.

Captevate is an important part of the Forbidden Technologies portfolio. We already have 20,000 users who have registered to use Captevate when it is released. It includes the patent pending ‘highlighter’ which is a new paradigm in video editing. Stay tuned for more on Captevate from our Captevate Category Manager, Jovana.

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