IBC News to use FORscene to syndicate news footage

IBC TV News adopts FORscene to provide wide-area repurposing

Forbidden Technologies web-based tools to provide global access to news material

Forbidden Technologies today announced that IBC TV News, the broadcaster for the IBC 2009 exhibition in September, will use FORscene to syndicate news footage. Available through a web browser, FORscene will be available to repurpose both material for broadcast pieces and website videos during and after the exhibition.

A FORscene Server based in Amsterdam will provide immediate access to upload and edit material shot on JVCs GY-HM100 and GY-HM700 cameras used by the IBC TV News teams. Additional video contributions from participating broadcasters and IBC visitors will be uploaded under editorial control creating a library of material including rushes and delivered daily programmes.

Built-in moderation tools through a range of access levels enable users to search metadata attached to material. FORscenes editing tools support repurposed material as required for broadcast. Once complete, FORscenes auto-conform process will provide a high-resolution DV or MPEG-2 file to be used in final broadcast pieces or to deliver news to exhibitors websites.

Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies, said:

"FORscene has been providing professional post-production services through the web for over 5 years. We are looking forward to helping IBC TV News to use the speed and flexibility of web-based syndication and repurposing to secure the maximum coverage for IBC2009 and all its participants."

IBC 2009 runs from the 11th to the 15th of September. Visit Forbidden in Hall 7, Block A08.