FORscene plays key role in news distribution to TV station websites

Leading US interactive media company uses Forbidden's tools for over 50 TV stations across the USA

Forbidden Technologies today announced that Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), the leading provider of web technology and services to US television and radio broadcasters, is using FORscene in its new BIMVID offer to television stations across America.

FORscene's web-based editing tools are providing 24/7 access to TV stations' broadcast feeds. Editors and station personnel take stories from the feed and repurpose them into website news capsules.

BIM provides each TV station client with a capture system. This uploads the broadcast feed to FORscene over the internet for immediate editing and later use. News capsules prepared from the feed are hosted on a content delivery network for distribution through the stations' websites, driving traffic to these sites.

Timur Yarnall, CEO of Broadcast Interactive Media, said:

"The BIMVID service uses a web-based workflow, linking together FORscene and our other independent suppliers to create a best-in-class Video Content Management System (VCMS) offering. Both station personnel and our in-house editors have picked up FORscene very quickly. BIMVID is providing both flexible and reliable and I'm delighted with the end results."

Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies, added:

"FORscene's web based functionality and consistently high level of service is proving attractive to the key players – not just in broadcast but also for websites requiring professional quality video. FORscene workflows save both time and money, and are readily scalable to support business expansion. We are pleased to be working with Broadcast Interactive Media to extend the quality and reach of their service."

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