North One Television enjoys web-based logging via FORscene

Leading UK Indie uses Forbidden Technologies tools

Forbidden Technologies today announced that North One Television, one of the top UK Indies, has adopted FORscene for its production of Industrial Junkies, series 1. Produced by North One, the series is being made for Discovery EMEA.

FORscene's frame-accurate logging tools, ability to access rushes, and make shot selections wide-area through a web-browser have enabled all members of the production team to work on the content regardless of location.

Having shot their rushes internationally, North One are using FORscene Load to digitise them simultaneously into both FORscene and Avid. Loggers use FORscene to log the content remotely allowing producers and directors to make shot selections and rough cuts easily, before exporting from FORscene to auto-conform for on-line editing in Avid.

Debbie Austin, Production Manager said:

"FORscene was used by North One Television on a previous Discovery series. It worked really well then. We thought it would be perfect for this new Discovery show as it saves so much time and money."

Michal Porecki, Series Producer said:

"Before filming, FORscene people came and demonstrated the system to the production team. Now it's in use, we love it. The benefits are obvious. The logger can log, the Director can paper edit (even at home) and I can dip into rushes to quality control the show and do things like pick out title shots."

North One Television, part of the All3Media group, is one of Britain's leading independent television production companies, boasting a global client base and a production slate that includes major sports, entertainment and factual programmes.

Stephen Streater, CEO of Forbidden Technologies, said:

"As FORscene continues to improve, we are pleased that North One is joining an increasing range of production companies in coming back for more, enjoying reduced costs and a more productive workflow."

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