Recent press

The Independent and the Times mentioned Forbidden's launch of Clesh, its consumer video and publishing software. The Financial Times had an article reporting: "… Forbidden Technologies, the Aim-listed group that provides software for video streaming and editing, saw its shares rise by 29 per cent after it announced a deal with Tiscali, the UK's fourth biggest internet service provider". The Business explained yesterday: "… The company has already trailblazed the new technology with an online computerised editing suite called FORscene aimed at professional users", going on to mention series for BBC1, ITV1 and Channel 5 made using FORscene. "Forbidden is launching a consumer version of its online editing suite called Clesh through a partnership with Tiscali. Clesh can be accessed from any desktop computer and be used to incorporate video from digital video cameras and mobile phone cameras to create edited films".